Consultations that Convert Biz Success Intensive Teleclass

how to convert all your prospects into monthly retainer clients and make boatloads more money (not to mention an infinitely easier business to run)

Date: Tues, Oct. 25 & Wed, Oct. 26, 2011
Time: 12p Pacific / 1p Mountain / 2p Central / 3p Eastern (U.S.)
Duration: two-part class, 1.5 hours each day
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Do you struggle with similar issues as these participants?

"Help! I'm shy and conducting consultations is scary!"

"Help! I would have no clients if I didn't rollover hours!"

Do you identify with any of these scenarios?

  • Do you need to earn more money and project work just isn't cutting it?

  • Are you completely worn out with always having to chase after the next projects and more clients even as you struggle to focus on the clients and work already on your plate?

  • Would you LOVE to have a full roster of retained clients who pay a high-level fee for your support each month, earning you a lot bigger, easier money and more dependable cashflow?

  • Do you wish you had retained clients, but find it difficult getting them to sign on?

  • Do you get inquiries, but find they lose interest as soon as you tell them your fee?

Every year the ACA conducts an annual industry survey of those in the administrative support business. And year after year, the results when it comes to earning are really saddening. The overwhelming majority of people are earning less than $10,000 a year. Nobody can live on that alone, much less support a family!

We have all these wonderful, talented, highly skilled people in our industry—including you—who are working themselves to the bone delivering huge amounts of value to their clients and helping them grow and make more money, yet are themselves barely scraping by on what their business brings in. It is my absolute passion to help YOU turn this around!

One of the problems is that while they would like to provide support, most of them are only working project by piecemeal project. And it's keeping them in the poorhouse. Project work traps you into a constant hamster wheel of chasing after the next work, the next clients, even as you are trying to focus on what's already in front you. It's also not the true definition of support—which is exactly where the bigger, better results are for clients and the bigger, easier money is for you. Working on a support basis (as opposed to a piecemeal, task-based project basis) will also allow you to create a much simpler, easier business to run and manage with far less marketing involved. And when you have that, you have a lot more flexibility, time for life, and room to grow at your own desired pace.

Ongoing support is a much higher value that comes with a higher price tag and more of a commitment. It necessarily requires a completely different, more in-depth conversation than you would have with project work. There is a very specific sequence to follow in order to properly frame things and help clients see that value and be willing to pay well for it. And that's what I'm going to show you how to do this month!

For this teleclass, we'll get together for two sessions, an hour and a half each day. This is going to be a tight, jam-packed informative class where you'll learn about:

  • How working with a base of monthly retained clients helps you earn more and manage your business more easily while working LESS
  • Why the consultation conversation is so important and how it helps persuade
  • What should happen before the consultation
  • Pre-qualifying clients so your time is spent only with the most qualified prospects
  • How long to spend in consultations
  • How to lead and conduct the consultation
  • What questions to ask and why
  • When and how to talk about fees (and why this order is vitally important)
  • What to do with Yes, No and Maybe clients
  • How to follow-up the consultation and seal the deal!
  • And so much more!

We'll touch on some marketing aspects of conducting "consultations that convert" as well, including:

  • How to pre-educate clients before the conversation
  • Dealing with client objections
  • How a target market helps attract the right prospective clients
  • Why talking to the right people is so important

...PLUS you'll get a guide with TONS of samples, examples and other juicy tools and information to take home with you and start implementing right away, as well as other materials and a full recording of the entire class that you can go back and listen to any time you like.

...AND you'll also receive a personal one-hour coaching session with me to a bit more personalized support and mentoring if you need additional help with any part of this topic.

if you want to make more money and convert your consultations into well-paying, monthly retainer clients, you really don't want to miss this class!

If you struggle in this area, I can show you how to stop struggling, lead your consultations with ease and confidence, and seal the deal! I would LOVE to see you there. I am so passionate about this topic and there is so much I can teach you that can change everything around for you.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Deadline to register is October 21, 2011, or until all available seats are filled, whichever comes sooner.

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How the Class Will Be Delivered

We'll be using webconferencing software so that you can view my screen as we go through the course and also see who your fellow students are. This will be a highly interactive class where I'll be presenting learning information and also asking you questions and participating together as a group.

Don't worry—you don't need any special software; it's provided by my training platform. You'll be given all the details for attending once you pay for your registration. Course materials and handouts will be provided at the time of the class. The class will be recorded so afterward, you'll get your own copy of the video that you can reference whenever you wish.

Want to Know More Before You Pay for Your Registration?

If you have any questions about the class or what you'd like to see covered, please do email them to me and I'll post the answers below. Your questions also help me identify where the common difficulties are and which parts of the training to place a little extra focus on.

what previous attendees have to say...

"The content in your course was great and well worth the cost!! I think you did a great job of covering the consultations and making me feel like I don't need to have everything "just right" before I get myself out there. You have a natural, down to earth way about you that is so easy to relate to! I feel confident that with the help I've received from you and my determination that I'll make this business succeed!"

tori zimmerman, the tristate va Tori Z.

"The Consultations that Convert class was a valuable use of both my time and money. The information was well-organized and presented in a way that made perfect sense...and had me wondering, "why didn't I think of these things sooner?" I've used what I learned on one phone consultation already with great success, and I'm excited to implement some additional changes to my website (such as adding a pre-qualification form). Now I can't wait to get started on the Pricing and Packaging course - I'm sure that will be enlightening as well!"

shannon smith, ss virtual admin solutions Shannon S.

"Consultations that Convert gave me the practical knowledge and tools I need to help me begin to increase my conversion rate fromconsultation to client. Danielle's expertise, combined with her ability to teach the lessons she's learned over the years in an interactive setting, gave me the wisdom behind the materials I purchased from the ACA store to pinpoint how I can best implement them in my business. Her classroom setting is efficient yet comfortaable and she moderates well, as well as interacts with every participant. By far one of the best investments I've made this year in bettering my business. Danielle takes the time to make sure you understand the material. Learning how to convert consultations to clients from an industry leader will be one of the best things you will do for the success of your business and set you up for greater success. I highly recommend Consultation that Convert!"

emily kyzer, almost office Emily K.

Questions About the Class

Q. I have a schedule conflict and am not able to attend this training. Will you be offering it again in the future?

A. Yes, I will be offering this class again in the future; I just can't say for sure when exactly that will be. Another option is to purchase the DIY self-paced version of this program at the store, which includes videos, workbook, examples and templates.

Q. I'm not able to attend the live class. Will the recording be made available for sale afterward?

A. Yes, the class will be recorded and participants will receive a copy afterward. Another option is to purchase the DIY self-paced version of this program at the store, which includes videos, workbook, examples and templates. I really do encourage your live attendance if at all possible, however, as you will get far more value from that class that way.

Q. If I can't attend, will my registration be refunded?

A. I want warm, committed bodies live in the class who are eager and willing to participate, ask questions and get the most from the learning experience. My wish is for you to attend the live sessions because you're going to get so much more out it and have the opportunity to get your questions personally answered. However, if there is any question as to whether you can make it or not, you should purchase the DIY self-paced version of this program instead as there will be no refunds for those who couldn't make it.

Q. I have your Breaking the Ice client consultation process guide. Will this class go further in depth than the guide?

A. Absolutely! Anytime you take a live class (as opposed to any kind of self-study course), you're going to get a lot more in-depth and personalized information because of the interaction and live dynamic of the group questions, etc. Classes help you make more sense of the information that you might have read (or might not have understood). You get more of the nuances and deeper levels of understanding made clear. Plus, we'll be talking about some of the marketing aspects of conducting consultations as well as dealing with client objections that aren't covered in the guide.

Danielle KeisterDanielle Keister is business mentor, Administrative Consulting expert and founder of the Administrative Consultants Association. I help you ROCK IT in your admin support biz so you can knock the socks off clients & make more moolah! Subscribe to my blog for straight-shooting, no-nonsense biz savvy in setting up YOUR successful administrative support practice. #AdminExperts