Pricing & Packaging Biz Success Intensive Teleclass

how to price and package your retained support based on value and expertise–NOT selling hours!

Date: Wed & Thu, June 27 & 28, 2012
Time: 12p Pacific / 1p Mountain / 2p Central / 3p Eastern (U.S.)
Duration: Two-part class, 1.5 hours each day
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DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Wed, June 20, 2012

Do you identify with any of these scenarios?

  • Are you tired of working like an employee? Do you hate tracking your time and reporting it to clients (not to mention all the drudgery and extra work that creates in your business)?

  • Do you wish you could attract and work with clients much more easily and effortlessly? Would you rather spend your time focused on the work and goals of your clients instead of having to track every little transaction to make sure you get paid?

  • Do you feel like the economy is affecting how much clients are willing to pay these days? Do you often have to deal with price shoppers? Are prospective clients scared off once you tell them your hourly rate?

  • Are you working tons of hours with clients and still struggling to earn the money you want and need? Are you working so much that you don’t have any time left to think, much less take on any more clients (even if you wanted to)?

The question on everyone’s mind these days is how to price competively, yet profitably. You want to attract clients, but you also want to honor yourself and all the skill and expertise you bring to the table. You can’t be in business to work for free after all, right?

The answer isn’t taking on more clients. If you’re struggling to earn well and take care of everyone already, adding more clients will only make things even MORE difficult—for you and them.

You wanna know the single biggest cause of all these problems? Billing by the hour! Billing by the hour—which is essentially selling hours—actually STOPS you from earning well and growing your business. And here’s why:

Your time is the least valuable thing you have to offer. It’s your skill, knowledge and experience that helps clients move forward and get things done. Your work helps improve your clients’ businesses. It makes them better than they were before. You help them achieve success faster and make more money. Often, you can do what you do blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back.

But you actually earn LESS when you bill by the hour because you’re penalized financially for getting things done faster and better. On top of that, tracking and reporting hours is a huge administrative burden. It wastes time and energy that you could better spend working with clients, marketing your business, or even just having more time for your own life.

So the question that stumps everybody is this: How do you structure your fees so that you’re compensated fairly if time is not the unit of measurement? Well, this is exactly what I’m going to help you with! I’m going to show you how to bill for your expertise—NOT your time—and the VALUE you bring to the table and focus clients on the results you achieve for them.

NONE of this involves discounting, bargaining or reducing your rates whatsoever. AND, if you are doing everything under the sun for clients, dropping everything the second they bark, and it’s driving you to insanity and leaving little time left for you or your family, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how value-based pricing and packaging can instantly change all that!

What We’re Going to Cover

In this class, you’re going to learn:

  • Why hourly billing is a road that leads to commoditization, the death knell for any business and industry!
  • How to stop selling time and trading hours for dollars;
  • How to create flexible, customizable packages and present them to clients;
  • How to set parameters so you don’t end up working for free;
  • How to structure your fees and establish a profitability baseline;
  • How to toss out the timesheets and what to give clients instead;
  • How to transition current clients;
  • How to raise your fees;
  • How to talk easily, confidently and forthrightly about your fees with potential clients without being slimy, pushy, manipulative or evasive;
  • How to have the money conversation and talk about your fees with potential clients;
  • How to respond to clients who say they can’t afford it and EXACTLY what to say to those who ask why they should pay you $X when they can “get it for half that price” that will stop them dead in their tracks and signing on the dotted line;
  • How to create separate revenue streams for greater earning;
  • Why clients LOVE this way of working together and how it’s going to make it easier for you to get and work with clients;

... PLUS you’ll get a TON of samples, examples and other juicy tools and information to take home with you and start implementing right away!

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 20, 2012, or until all available seats are filled, whichever comes sooner.

if you want to make more money, create an easier business to run & toss out those timesheets forever,
you definitely want to attend this class!

Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Toolkit Only $147

How the Class Will Be Delivered

We’ll be using webconferencing software so that you can view my screen as we go through the course and also see who your fellow students are. This will be a highly interactive class where I’ll be presenting learning information and also asking you questions and participating together as a group.

Don’t worry—you don’t need any special software; it’s provided by my training platform. You’ll be given all the details for attending once you pay for your registration. Course materials and handouts will be provided at the time of the class. The class will be recorded so afterward, you’ll get your own copy of the video that you can reference whenever you wish.

Danielle Keister Danielle Keister is business mentor, Administrative Consulting expert and founder of the Administrative Consultants Association. I help you ROCK IT in your admin support biz so you can knock the socks off clients, make more moolah AND have more time for life! Subscribe to my blog for straight-shooting, no-nonsense biz savvy in setting up YOUR successful administrative support practice.

Want to Know More Before You Pay for Your Registration?

If you have any questions about the class or what you’d like to see covered, please do email them to me and I’ll post the answers below. Your questions also help me identify where the common difficulties are and which parts of the training to place a little extra focus on.

Questions About the Class

Q. I have a schedule conflict and am not able to attend this training. Will you be offering it again in the future?

A. Yes, I will be offering this class again in the future; I just can’t say for sure when exactly that will be. Another option is to purchase the DIY self-paced version of this program at the store, which includes videos, workbook, examples and templates.

Q. I’m not able to attend the live class. Will the recording be made available for sale afterward?

A. Yes, the class will be recorded and participants will receive a copy afterward. Another option is to purchase the DIY self-paced version of this program at the store, which includes videos, workbook, examples and templates. I really do encourage your live attendance if at all possible, however, as you will get far more value from that class that way.

Q. If I can’t attend, will my registration be refunded?

A. I want warm, committed bodies live in the class who are eager and willing to participate, ask questions and get the most from the learning experience. My wish is for you to attend the live sessions because you’re going to get so much more out it and have the opportunity to get your questions personally answered. However, if there is any question as to whether you can make it or not, you should purchase the DIY self-paced version of this program instead as there will be no refunds for those who couldn’t make it.

Q. I’ve already purchased the DIY version of this program. What do I get with the live training?

A. What you don’t get with the DIY materials that you get with the training is the live class interaction and learning conversations. The training offers the opportunity to learn and train with me directly to get an even better grasp of the all the nuances of the methodology and principles we cover, and get your questions answered. Plus, if you’ve already purchased the DIY course, if you are stuck understandnig or implementing any parts, we can work through those in the class.

what previous attendees had to say...

Before taking Danielle’s Value-Based Pricing class, the idea of packages made my head spin. However, I am looking forward to developing strong packages for clients and to stop watching the clock! The class definitely clarified many things for me. I believe everyone will be much better off when we stop focusing on time and more on our partnerships. I have only moved one client over to a value-based package at the moment and plan on moving the others over and bringing new clients on with one. This is the first month of working with my client like this and I love it! I cannot express how different it is and how I can just do her work and not worry about hours!

kyle sheldon-chandler Kyle S.C.

“This program is amazing, and I am so glad I was able to participate. I dreaded spending the time for billing each week because it took up way to much time that I could be spending with my family. Since participating in the webinar and implementing the pricing plan with two new clients, it has taken all the stress out of billing. That alone has made this program worth it. I have advised all my clients that as of the new quarter (August) all billing will be switched over to this program, and even a few are excited about it. Not having to worry about weekly billing and increments of 15 min they, too, feel it will be less stressful when trying to read their invoices. I have one client who decided to not wait and we are working on his support plan to get him started right away. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and simplifying the trials and errors that you have endured to create the impossibly easy billing! I can’t wait for your next webinar because I will make sure I have signed up for it to attend.”

Teri W. Teri williams | sidekick assistants

“Hi Danielle. I wanted to write and let you know that I presented Value Based Pricing to my first client today. This client is also a very good friend of mine; we have worked together for years (back when I worked in corporate America) so I knew he would give me good feedback and his honest opinion of the pricing. Guess what?!?! He didn't bat a eye at the price I created for his services. He thought it was completely reasonable, as well as a good move for me! I was really nervous going into this, which is why I chose to present to him first; but it was so easy .... because it makes so much sense! Talk about feeling liberated! What a way to end the week! Thank you so much for the services and advice that you offer to everyone in our field.”

Kimberly B. kimberly billet | diverse office solutions

“It is very liberating indeed!”

Donnamarie K. donnamarie NEEDLE, time saving concepts

Your classes are always fun and informative. I have been on calls before for webinars, and it seemed as if I was the only person on the call. But not with you. You give such awesome information and examples that it is hard not to get excited about how you are going to apply all that you have learned. You make it easy for everyone to ask questions and not feel as if ‘oh, that was a stupid question.’ That is why it is hard to get off your calls. I learn a lot from the other people on the call as well as the information and templates that you provide. I now have a clear picture of why I should have packages instead of charging by the hour.

Tracy C. Tracy carson | your business solutions today

I thoroughly enjoyed the live class! I found the concepts you were presenting very easy to understand. I totally understood how hourly billing is killing our business and was excited to find a new solution. I can finally envision how I am eventually going to have the lifestyle and financial security I deserve. There is a LOT of information on the Internet these day, much of it CRAP, so I thank you for always providing good, quality information and advice. really appreciate everything you do for the industry. I'm glad I found you while I am so new to the business so that I can get started doing things the RIGHT way rather than trying to FIX things later on! Keep up the good work.”


“Best. Product. Ever. Highly recommend!!! Thank you, Danielle for the difference this has made in my business. =) You have just no idea how your Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Toolkit has provided the BRIGHTEST light bulb solution for my business. I have been struggling with so many of the aspects you have addressed. I am launching a brand-new business model. I have been doing fine up until now, but I have been spending so much time managing timesheets and clock-watching. What you have outlined will not only be valuable for my business, but for my existing clients as well. I really loved the way you have outlined the models for pricing. I just re-vamped my hourly rate model, but you have changed my mind of how to move forward and I don’t mind investing more time into re-vamping once again. I am excited to not have to spend time on monthly time reports. I LOVE the idea of providing an overview of accomplishments. This is not only a benefit for my bottom line, but for my clients bottom line as well. I have a feeling my clients would prefer this monthly overview, rather than a nickel and dime overview of how my time was spent. I work VERY fast on projects, so the hourly rate model is a detriment to me. Thank you for opening my eyes! This was exceptional! GREAT work! You should feel very proud of this offering!

jaimie skultety | a virtual assistant 4 you Jaimie S.

“I was so excited to discover you offered this product because I am currently in the middle of a transition to value based pricing, but I am stuck with bringing old clients over to this model. I’m also stuck on a few other products and services that I need to establish pricing models (but I’ve been putting that into the ‘too hard’ basket). Your videos and eBook have now given me the structure to now do this really easily and now I feel confident in taking this final step. THANK YOU. This is an excellent resource for established Virtual Assistants and I’m so excited to discover that I was already on the right track, but with your help I now have the structure to complete the transformation of my business.”

melinda dunlop | juicy communications Melinda D.

“The price tag says $147, but the real value is PRICELESS. If you are an Admin Consultant trying to make your way, you owe it to yourself to get this toolkit! It is one of the very best investments you can make in your business.”

jennifer fen lanham | your trusted assistant Jennifer L.

“I have spent a lot of time reading through the Value-Based Pricing & Packaging Toolkit, and it has totally changed my way of thinking regarding pricing and packaging services. A very useful tool/presentation and I would recommend it to any Virtual Assistant who is serious about making their business work.”

jacqueline long | whatever, whenever Jacqueline L.

“Thank you so much Danielle. This has been on my mind for some time and I have been wondering where to start to move clients over to value based pricing and to stop having to report every minute. Your course provided me with the knowledge to now go forward confidently to present my value based pricing to both current clients and new enquiries. I believe the industry needs to change from hourly billing and you have provided an innovative product to educate those in the industry on exactly how to do this. Excellent work. You are a true pioneer and gem in this industry! The investment for the course was worth its weight in gold! Thanks again!”

debra barber | online personal assistants Debra B.

“Although the concept was a little overwhelming initially, after taking some time to go over the materials again, think about what Danielle had to say, and look at my business with a different perspective, I started to get excited about making the change. The whole idea of value-based pricing made me feel better about what I’m offering a client. I’m no longer going to be an hourly rate to them!!! With value-based pricing, I not only offer administrative expertise, I offer expertise in various specialty areas as well! I’m looking forward to meeting with Danielle to discuss how to best transition my business to value-based pricing. Thanks for a great class, Danielle!!!”

franni ferrero | very virtual Franni F.

“I really enjoyed today’s session, Danielle. The whole thing was so great, but especially the discussion on the model and the two methods. I feel like I’m there now, and able to start to put all this into practice. Thanks so much for providing this! All Virtual Assistants and Administrative Support Consultants need to know about this!”

lisa humphries Lisa H.

“I must admit that I have really been knocked on my behind from the value-based vs hourly rate issue that you pointed out in the training! When you said that I actually make less money charging an hourly rate the more knowledgeable and skilled I get in my business, I just about lost it!!! That is so eye opening! Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this!!! I am so happy you decided to do this training. I can’t wait for next week’s class! I think you are offering information that people in our industry (an all other industries) really need to learn!”

briana ramsey Briana R.

“I met with a new potential client today and the session was very helpful moving forward with this one. Now I can stop shooting myself in the financial foot!”

barbara trulby | virtual assistant plus Barbara T.

“By the way, your class on Thursday was AWESOME!!! I think you did a fabulous job, even with the technical difficulties! I am looking forward to next week!!!”

bobbie kaye morris Bobbie K. M.

“I just attended Danielle’s first webinar where she discussed this system in-depth and it has made a big impact on me and the way I now think about my fees in my practice and about my value as an administrator.”

patti seipp | virtual administrator Patti S.

I enjoyed the class very much – truly! I know there were some techno challenges, but, what the heck – we had a lot of fun, and I also loved the 4-Quadrants of Business presentation. Right on! I am looking forward to next week!”

norma bowers | southwest virtual assistant llc Norma B.

I absolutely loved your presentation about pricing for value.”

marit fox | abundant administrative services Marit F.

For anyone not sure about signing up – I strongly recommend you do. I took the course with Danielle last time and it was worth every penny. The topic was something I had been gnawing over anyway and Danielle really helped me focus on just how to get started and be creative!”

sheila barrie | business services & support Sheila B.

Thanks for offering the class; it was great! It brought clarity to things that were a bit foggy to me. I’m very appreciative that you have great integrity and passion for what you do and your fellow solopreneurs.

lakenya dennis

And by the way...

Those who have taken my training and the copycat courses of others (I originated the value-based pricing and packaging methodology in our industry) prefer my classes above the others!