A Client Guide for Your Website

If you struggle with articulating your value to clients, let us help do some of the work for you!

Did you know that the ACA provides a client guide that you can use? Yup, we do! It’s called the Client’s Guide to Administrative Consultants.

I know there are lots of Administrative Consultants out there who are absolutely experts at what they do, but who sometimes feel they need a little extra help articulating their value to clients. This guide gives you another resource that you can point clients to that will help educate them and set their expectations so the relationship can get off to the best possible start.

To use the Client Guide, place this button on your website:

Client's Guide to Administrative Consultants

Simply copy the code inside the text box below, and paste it into the HTML of the page on your website where you’d like it to appear. (And don’t worry, the coding is set to open the guide up in a new window so that your site visitors aren’t taken off of your site.)


Take a minute to read through the guide yourself. You’ll see it covers all kinds of good information including what an Administrative Consultant is, the benefits of support, how to choose an Administrative Consultant, and getting the relationship off to the best start.

IMPORTANT TERMS OF USE: You may NOT copy and paste the actual Client Guide contents and articles on your website or printed materials. You MAY link to the Client Guide using the graphic image coding above or by the plain text link “Client Guide to Administrative Consultants.” This is the only way we can manage updates and not have to track down everyone using outdated versions. No exceptions so please do not ask. Please understand and respect this.