ACA Ethics Pledge

My Ethics Pledge to You (ACA Code of Ethics)Administrative Consultants who display the ACA Code of Ethics badge on their websites demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of honor, integrity and excellence in business.

To My Clients, I Promise…

  • I will accurately represent my skills and only offer those services in which I am professionally competent to deliver.
  • I will accurately represent what my practice is capable of in all marketing, advertising and promotional materials.
  • I will inform you of any conditions that arise that could limit my effectiveness.
  • I will place your best interests first and foremost, making reasonably certain that I have the necessary skills and resources to provide the support needed before entering into a collaborative partnership with you.
  • I will clearly communicate the terms and conditions of our relationship, identifying the responsibilities of all parties, and documenting these provisions in a signed agreement.
  • I will honor my contracts, agreements and commitments.
  • I will do what I say I will and only make commitments that are within my power and abilities to deliver.
  • I take pride in the craft and quality of my work. I will accept responsibility for the work I do, admit mistakes and do my part to rectify any problems that arise.
  • I will maintain the highest level of professionalism, and refrain from misrepresenting any authority entrusted to me.
  • I will safeguard and protect any private and confidential information you entrust to me.
  • I will not release any of your information to any party whatsoever unless you give me explicit instruction or consent to do so.
  • I will ensure that electronic and hardcopy record disposal is handled in a confidential and secure manner.
  • I will do my utmost to protect your interests and reputation by conducting myself as a professional ambassador and representative of your business during the course of our work together.

To My Colleagues, I Promise…

  • I will be honest and accurate about my credentials, and not exaggerate, embellish or fabricate my professional history or competencies.
  • I will not intentionally partake in any activity, especially libel or slander, that could damage the professional reputation of a colleague.
  • I will make every effort to exercise due diligence in naming my business to ensure I am not infringing upon the legal trade name and trademark rights of another colleague’s established, pre-existing business. If such infringement occurs, I will immediately take steps to remedy the situation upon notification.
  • I will not engage in copyright infringement or theft of any colleague’s intellectual property.
  • I will not engage in unfair trade practices.
  • I will not solicit or unlawfully take clients from another colleague and will faithfully observe the legal and binding agreements I make in any subcontracting situation.
  • I will not take credit for the work and ideas of others. I will be sure to always give credit to those I have learned from and who have generously shared their knowledge with me.
  • I will be accepting of others’ opinions, values and beliefs and acknowledge they are as valid as my own.
  • I will not use any confidential information gained through my professional association with colleagues for personal benefit of any sort.

To the Administrative Consultant Profession, I Promise…

  • I will exercise and uphold the highest ideals of integrity, competence and professionalism in business.
  • I will utilize my knowledge and abilities to strengthen public awareness and understanding of the profession.
  • I will not engage in any activity or practice that would bring the profession into disrepute.
  • I will not take on any work I deem to be illegal, immoral or unethical.
  • I will diligently exercise truth, honesty and integrity in all areas relating to my business and professional responsibilities.
  • I will not engage in nor condone any illegal or unethical practices in the industry.
  • I will maintain professional competence, and continue to expand my professional knowledge and technical skills.
  • I will maintain accurate and sufficient business records.
  • I will know and respect existing laws pertaining to professional work and business, and always strive to keep abreast of such things as it is my duty as a responsible businessperson.

To Myself, I Promise…

  • I will do everything in my power to honor my value and worth as a human being and skilled, competent professional and expert in the art and craft of administrative support.
  • I will only do work that I enjoy so that I never “work” another day in my life.
  • I will always do my best, as doing my best not only benefits clients and reflects well on the profession, it gives me confidence, satisfaction and self-worth.
  • I will work only with my ideal clients. When I work with those who value and appreciate my skills and expertise and the service I provide, the positivity our relationship creates for one another also makes the world a better place.
  • I will strive to do good as I do well.


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