1-on-1 Business Counseling

Personal Business Guidance and Support to Rev Up Your Progress, Break Through Blocks and Get You Back on Track

  • Not making enough money and need to know how to change that?
  • Are prospects always telling you, “that's too expensive/costs too much!”
  • Are you working with clients who drain you, but you're afraid of losing the money?
  • Need some direction on what to do to get back on track with your business and marketing?
  • Want some spot support, not a long-term program?
  • Are you new in business, overwhelmed with info and don't know where to focus or what to start working on first?
  • Are you working like a dog and STILL not making enough money?

First, I want you to know there is nothing wrong with you. Growing a business is a journey! It's easy for us Administrative Consultants to help our clients and see what needs to be done for them, but it can be really tough to see our own blind spots and obstacles to success. Even I need the help and guidance of my own mentors and advisors on occasion.

It's a common phenomenon, sort of a "can't see the forest for the trees" kind of thing. We're simply too close to our own businesses to clearly see the issues that might be holding us back, taking us off-course and impeding our path to success.

I can help you get back on track with quick, expert guidance.

I help people become well-earning experts and leaders of their own business as Administrative Consultants.

You’ll get some clarity and a good measure of coaching along with practical advice and guidance about what to focus on and do next so that you can get un-stuck and start moving forward again in your business with renewed vision and energy!

I’ll be asking you some targeted questions, taking a look at your biz set-up and website, and then giving you some concrete steps, tasks and/or strategies to make improvements and start seeing more results.

What Qualifies Me to Help You

I have an administrative background spanning over 30 years. I've been in this business since 1997 (longer if you want to count the years prior to officially taking out my business license). I have a proven track record of helping others all around the world find success and financial reward in this profession since 2004.

Who I Work With

  • I work strictly with those who are specifically in the business of administrative support.
  • I work with Administrative Consultants and those who want to become Administrative Consultants.
  • I work with professionals who are serious about their business and fully committed to making it a success.
  • Those who are passionate, determined and ready to do the work and whatever it takes.
  • Those who are ready to stop being (and calling themselves) assistants and become well-earning experts and leaders of their own business as Administrative Consultants.

Who I Can't Help

  • Anyone who is not serious about their business and only dabbling in it as a hobby or side money.
  • Anyone who has not already done their own homework and fully studied, researched and read the ACA website, blog and resources.
  • Anyone who is not in the business of administrative support. If you are or want to be a web designer or marketing pro or social media consultant, etc., I cannot help you. Those are different fields altogether and you need to look to those professions for guidance.
  • Anyone who is running or wants to build a "virtual staffing" or "team" based model. I strictly help those in the business of providing one-on-one administrative support to clients they work with in ongoing, collaborative partnering relationships.
  • Anyone who isn't ready, willing and able to do the work.
  • Anyone who is stuck in assistant mentality.

Cost & Details

  • An individual 2-hour session is $149.
  • Sessions are conducted by phone.
  • Sessions are held on Tuesdays only between the hours of 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (U.S. Pacific Time)
  • Only 4-5 spots will be filled per month (one per Tuesday), so first come, first served.
  • These slots go pretty quickly (I'm usually booked a month in advance) so it's best to reserve your spot by getting your submission form and payment in immediately.

What You Get

  • Up to two hours of my undivided attention during our session.
  • My candid, considered and qualified advice and recommendations (based on my vast experience and expertise in this field) for moving forward, finding direction and getting un-stuck.
  • An audio recording of our session so you can re-listen any time you want a refresher.
  • A email recap/summary of our call and my recommended next steps and strategy for moving forward.
  • A follow-up email from me one to two weeks after our session to see how you are progressing.

What to Expect Once Your Session Is Secured

  • I may have some clarifying questions and homework for you prior to our call.
  • Be prepared to follow-through. I don't want my time or yours wasted so treat me and any assignment I give you with the level of competence and initiative you'd want a client to experience.

How to Get Started

  1. Complete the form below and describe the trouble area or particular struggle you are having in your business.
  2. Upon review of your submission, I may email you back with some clarifying questions.
  3. You then be directed to the payment page to pay for your session in advance.
  4. Once your fee has been submitted, I will be in contact with you by email to coordinate the date and time for our telephone session. I look forward to talking with you!

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Danielle Keister Danielle Keister is an industry mentor, business catalyst and founder of the Administrative Consultants Association. I'm here to teach you how to ROCK IT in your admin support biz so you can knock the socks off clients, make more moolah AND have more time for life! Subscribe to my blog for straight-shooting, no-nonsense biz savvy and insights for setting up YOUR successful administrative support practice.

Case Study

Stacey reached out to me early 2012, pouring her heart out to me in an email. She was facing an extremely depleting situation in her administrative support business, one that is all too common in our industry.

On the surface, she was very successful. Her practice was completely full. She had a constant stream of referrals; so many, in fact, that she had to turn people away. She never got around to getting a website up (and felt she didn’t need one) because she was getting all the clients and work she ever wanted or needed.

Sounds great, right? The problem was she wasn’t making any money and she had no life. She was on a constant hamster wheel of trying to keep up with all her client demands, working well beyond 60 hours a week. When she was able to fit in the activities of her large, active family, it was just barely and always involved racing back to her workload.

Like many who find themselves not earning well, she mistakenly believed that the only way to improve her income was to work more hours, take on more clients. But there are only so many hours in a day. There’s nowhere to go from there once you hit the wall. Her morale was so low, and you could see and hear her exhaustion loud and clear.

After our initial email exchange, we got on Skype for a video session, which Stacey graciously allowed me to record for the purposes of this case study (normally, I conduct laser sessions by phone only). This was a way for me to hear more of her story and get a bit deeper insight into what was going on in her business and how we might go about course correcting.

Stacey’s most urgent, immediate problem was creating space in her business. In her current circumstances, there was literally no room for her to do anything, much less think or take action. She also didn’t have room to take on any new, more ideal clients.

All quite fixable, though! After our call, I drew up a plan of action and gave her some strategies to create that space, which she eagerly took action on and implemented immediately.

The longer term strategies for overhauling her business involved getting a website (so that she could better educate new clients and replace current or outgoing clients with more ideal ones) and making some shifts in how she was operating and working with clients.

Stacey is now well on her way to having the practice of her dreams! You can see the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders now that she is able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

UPDATE: July 12, 2012

I received an update from Stacey on her progress. She was happy to report that she had contacted her clients with her updated business plan. About 2/3 of her clients were unable or unwilling to accept her rate change, which is entirely normal. She simply could not continue to exist at the unprofitable rates she was charging which were keeping her working round the clock.

After having absolutely no time to work on her business, she is pleased to report that letting go of these unprofitable clients led to her having some FREE time for herself. She is really enjoying not having all of that pressure. As she stated in her update, "I was so totally at a breaking point if I didn't make the change when I did. I see that even more now."

She also happily reports that three or four of her clients were willing to stay with her. (See! The ideal clients who truly value your service will happily surprise you and often wonder why you didn't start charging more sooner!)

She also took my advice and has begun developing her business website so that it can help educate prospective clients and reserve her consultation time for better qualified client candidates. She adds:

"I want to say thank you so much for your knowledge, care and belief in me and helping me to believe that I can do this. I can breathe, I feel like a real person instead of a working machine, and I now have some time for myself... it has been a few years since I could say that!"

I am so thrilled for Stacey and look forward to watching her progress! She is smart, brave, determined, a fantastic administrative artist and knows both she and her clients are worthy and deserving of these improvements in her life and business.

UPDATE: Sept. 7, 2012

"I wanted to connect with you and let you know that because of you, I am a much happier person. You remember how ragged, tired and worn out I was when we had that interview a few months ago? Well, I am now working about 1/3 the time, if that, and making more money (not at 6 figures yet, but have that goal in the forecast). I am more confident (still have a ways to go, of course), but I am seeing some successes and feeling great about the direction that my business is taking! I have goals and plans to do more, but I'm baby-stepping for now. Don't want to take on too much, too fast, and wind up right back where I was. I hope you can feel how appreciative I am!"


What Clients Say...

“Danielle’s Laser Breakthrough Strategy Sessions are brilliant! Danielle provides clarity and focus during these sessions that you will not find anyone else offering. Her advice and recommendations are rock-solid. Not only does she provide a two-hour session, but she follows-up with a clean recording AND written notes that are extremely helpful in implementing her suggestions. I am much more confident and optimistic in my business. THANK YOU, Danielle!

Susan bernstein Susan B.

“Thank YOU! It was brilliant, and I'm feeling very inspired and motivated to get started and implement all the changes. Your messages makes complete sense, and I'm feeling very excited. Watch this space!! Thanks again, Danielle. Wish I'd found you a year ago! BUT it's all been a learning curve and my experiences with current/past clients brought me to finding your site. Happy I had those experiences so I'm able to recognise the value of what you teach. Onwards and upwards... Great session, thanks again!”

nicola potzas Nicola P.

“I recently signed up for one of Danielle’s laser break-through sessions. While my business is thriving, I knew there were areas I needed to tighten up and have enjoyed Danielle’s insights and experience in our industry. After a very upbeat, logical conversation that really felt like chatting to a friend – a friend with her head on her shoulders who doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, that is – I came away feeling much more optimistic about the changes I knew I needed to make, more confident in just biting the bullet and implementing them – and best of all, an action plan with recommendations. I’m already seeing an increase in income and am moving to a restructuring that makes sense for me, my business and my family. Thank you Danielle.”

Gaynor fries Gaynor F.

The most important and worthwhile investment I made for not only myself, but my business as well, was PAYING for your time, expert advice and suggestions. You went way above the norm and not only that, I gained a valuable friend. You helped me make the necessary changes in order for my business to be successful. You didn’t sugar coat, you made me think for myself, you were honest and understanding because you had been there! I was in a rut to say the least and you lifted me up and really can’t remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did during our phone meeting! Thank you so much for your time, effort, and wisdom. That is what is priceless. That is what makes the difference between a successful business owner and a wanna-be.”

Michelle kvitek Michelle K.

“Danielle’s laser strategy session was just the eye-opener I needed to really understand why it is that I seem to be stuck in the “dollars-for-hours” cycle that’s keeping my business from flourishing. Her perspective offered me a new lens with which to view the business I really am in and think about the business I want to be in. Sometimes you just need that objective, “no-nonsense” conversation with an expert who really does want to see you thrive in business to help gain clarity and focus. Thanks, Danielle!”

Jeanette gardiner Jeanette G.

Danielle’s Laser Strategy Sessions are amazing! She helps you talk through to the heart of what is holding your business back and collaborates with you not to just find the best solution, but one that you will actually implement.

I had froze all chance of having a successful business because I could not really see where I was going wrong and spinning my wheels thinking that I needed to talk to more people or work harder. Talking with Danielle made me realize the practical things (like detailed website critique) will give me a clearer message to potential clients and the confidence to better communicate the value my business brings to other business owners. We went back to the basics that I had left behind to show me that I had lost focus on the simple yet practical things like my website and sticking to my target market, in addition to the meatier topics of savvy business ownership.

I was able to describe a situation to her and she pulled out the issue holding me back with ease. I left the session having knowledge, wisdom and applicable tools to set my business up for success and growth.

I have participated in a number of associations, classes and coaching sessions and can in all honesty say that Danielle is truly for your success as an Administrative Consultant and business owner. I look forward to continuing to build and strengthen my business with her strategic advice to guide me, not to mention her straightforward perspective (I really appreciate that aspect of her).”

emily kyzer Emily K.

After taking your course “Consultations that Convert” (a refresher for me) and a follow-up private coaching session with you, I spent the 2011 holiday season determined to finally take your advice. We spoke around the same time in the previous year and at that time you had suggested I transition my support services from an hourly plan to a monthly subscription plan. I wish I had followed your advice back then, but sadly I stayed ‘stuck’ in the hourly billing cycle (with rollover option, to boot) and I thought I would never be able to get out of my rut. Although it seemed wonderful to dream of a guaranteed monthly income, I still resisted transitioning my current clients and offering it to prospective clients for fear they would decline. I tried to be ‘everything to everybody’, meeting almost any client’s budget and making it ‘work’ - all that meant was I was ultimately running my business under their terms.’

“Danielle, you proposed a challenge to me, “try it and see what happens,” and believing wholeheartedly in you and the ideas you have talked about, and the fact that I was already a dedicated and faithful fan of yours, this time it was truly enough for me to take that leap of faith - once and for all. I only hoped that my current client base would continue to work with me. Equally, if not more importantly, I had to have the hope to convert more of the prospects I consult with into paying clients.'

“The first piece of your advice I implemented was to educate visitors to my website, by outlining the benefits and features of having an ongoing monthly support plan. This was indeed the key and I revamped my entire website and my consultation process. As a result, I am so proud to report to you and anyone you share this testimonial with that I have increased my income dramatically! I have (pre-qualified) scheduled consults on a more consistent basis. I have been able to ‘close the sale’ during the phone discussion, and since I have proven over time to my existing clientele that I produce amazing results for them I have been able to transition every one of my hourly clients to a monthly plan. They get it and now, finally so do I.’

“I was financially suffocating myself, which I attribute directly to the sad (?!) fact that I work quickly. It is quite clear to me now that working on an hourly basis is of no benefit to me whatsoever and truly neither is it for my clients. They don’t understand how much time a project or task can take for me or anyone else in our profession for that matter. So, how can they make a decision to work with someone if all they have to go on is an hourly rate and your word that it ‘won’t take too long’? They simply want a proven track record of results, which you can show in testimonials, as I have done on my website.'

“For anyone reading this Danielle’s advice is very wise. Trust in the fact that if you are a high-level Administrative Consultant, your clients already know your value. And those whom you have not yet worked with will perceive you and the support services you provide to be a worthwhile monthly investment. You can’t be everything to everybody as I found out. Educate them on your process and they will line up!’

“Thank you, Danielle, for your gentle yet firm persistence, your support and your incredibly valuable products. I have an immense amount of respect for you and I simply can’t express enough how grateful I am for the difference you have made for my business and my life. I will be eternally appreciative.”

UPDATE! May 23, 2012:

“Since I have put in place all the systems and definitions you have outlined in your programs and through your mentoring and I’ve have worked hard to educate visitors to my website on the parameters of working with me, I have found amazing success. I have been meaning to write to you to let you know that since adopting all of this in January of this year, I have reached an amazing milestone in my business of earning close to $10k/month; over $100k annually. I wondered if I would ever get there. I knew I would, but thought it would take a couple more years. It’s clear to me that this milestone has been achieved not only through my own hard work, consistent marketing, and dedication to my vision, but with your guidance, support and daring persistence. I want you to know that I credit you and thank you every single day.”

jaimie skultety Jaimie S.