Testimonials for Power Productivity & Biz Management

All testimonials are from REAL people, just like you. Their comments and reviews were sent to us by email or submitted through our feedback form and they’ve given their permission to share their thoughts with you.

“Heck yeah! Great class!”

Heck yeah! Great class today, Danielle! Thanks for such a great program. It made me think about a lot of things, and I realized that some of the services that I was offering will not ultimately lead to the type of lifestyle I want (such as email management and calendar management). Thank you for that. Best to realize it now while I am early in the business! Thanks for everything you do for this industry!

Lorrie B. Lorri Boylen

“I'm so happy I took this class!”

I just downloaded my Power Productivity and Biz Management Guide, and I am so happy I took this class, This is GREAT material and oh so practical. I am extra grateful to you for being open and sharing this material because I can see how it can make my biz life so much easier while still making great money.

Stephanie C. stephanie coradin | dembo, inc.

“Your classes are amazing and inspiring.”

I took your Pricing class, and it has made a HUGE difference in my work load, (no more scrambling to get invoices out, or the hated watching the clock).

Teri W. Teri williams | sidekick assistants

“Your classes are always fun and informative.”

Your classes are always fun and informative. I have been on calls before for webinars, and it seemed as if I was the only person on the call. But not with you. You give such awesome information and examples that it is hard not to get excited about how you are going to apply all that you have learned. You make it easy for everyone to ask questions and not feel as if ‘oh, that was a stupid question.’ That is why it is hard to get off your calls. I learn a lot from the other people on the call as well as the information and templates that you provide.

Tracy C. Tracy carson | your business solutions today

“Your class was fun and informative...”

I have been doing some re-organization after the class! So far, so good, too! Your class was fun and informative, and gave me lots of great tips. It also led me to some of your other Success Store items which are proving to be invaluable.I will be recommending your classes, your products, and maybe even taking more classes! Thank you so much for nudging me back onto a more successful (and sane!) track!

Ariel J.-R. ariel jackson-ross | the virtual element